As a non-profit radio station, WBED allows sponsorships and advertisements in the form of underwriting.

Underwriting is a form of sponsorship . These underwriting spots identify the underwriter and provide factual information about the underwriter and/or its products and services. It is an acknowledgement to the listening audience of the underwriter’s commitment to WBED, rather than simply a persuasive argument. Underwriting is unique to noncommercial stations. If you have ever listened to National Public Radio or public television, chances are that you are already familiar with examples of underwriting. The FCC allows announcements to be made to identify the underwriter. This provides a higher community profile and a more philanthropic appearance than the average advertiser. WBED announcements are designed to provide listeners valuable information about your business or organization. We don't tell people what to do. We give listeners information that they use and act upon. WBED thanks you for your time and hopes that you will support WBED in the future, not only with your underwriting contributions, but with your valued listenership.

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